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Our import and export company KSE AUTOMOTIVE has been importing, exporting and domestically selling accessories, lighting and window film products with the registered brands "KSE DIESEL", "BRIGHTTEC" and "EUROFILM" since 2013.

All of our products are tested and approved in full-fledged laboratories and are under our company's warranty for a certain period of time, depending on their content.

Our main goal is to raise our customers' satisfaction and brand awareness in all markets we can reach. In this sense, we would like to state that we are a customer-oriented brand.

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Kse Diesel

Types of Our Products

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Led Xenon HeadLights

H Series Led Xenon Headlights: (H1 – H3 – H4 – H7 – H11 – H15 – 9005 – 9006)

Xenon HeadLights

D Series Xenon Headlights: (D1S – D2S – D3S – D4S – D5S – D8S)


Our Brands

Ksediesel Brighttec Eurofilm